Solar Fridge

Portable Solar Fridge Kit

When you live in remote area without the grid power, how do you keep your food fresh ? Our complete solar fridge kit has everything you need to store your food or freeze your catch when you’re away from mains power, with easy to use plug and play setup.Designed with the local Sun radiation conditions in mind, everything in the complete solar fridge kit is built to last; stainless steel fridge casing with heavy duty handles, sealed maintenance free batteries, anodised aluminium (rust proof) solar panels with hail proof glass, IP-66 rated MPPT solar charge controller.

Portable Fridge/Freezer

. Dual compartments  individual temperature controls allow for customisable fridge, freezer, or fridge/freezer combinations

. Industry leading Danfoss compressor provides quiet, efficient cooling(Optional)

.Thick polyurethane foam insulation keeps your fridge cold with minimal power usage

.Runs from either 12V, 24V or 240V

.Easy to use digital display, temperature set and control

.Automatic 10.8 volt cut-off to protect batteries from going flat

Solar Panels with Portable design.

. Pre-wired with MPPT Solar charger controller.

. Built with Grade A high efficiency solar cells.

.Easy to use portable Solar systems.

.7m Heavy-Duty Cable With Anderson plug.

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