Q&A Do I want to go fully off grid, or remain partly connected to mains power
If you desire to live completely off grid, you’ll need a larger system than if you want to remain connected to the grid. Most people will choose to remain connected as they’ll always have a backup in case extended bad weather conditions interrupt the storage of solar power. In this situation, whenever solar power is not enough to power your appliances, the grid will help out and supply the rest of the energy needed. For example, your solar panels have generated 1kW, but you are using appliances that need 2kW. The other 1kW will then be delivered by the grid. Alternatively, if your solar panels are generating more energy than you require, you can feed it back to the grid and receive a payment for ‘selling’ your power to the electricity company.
If you want to completely disconnect from mains power, you’ll need a system large enough to generate your power needs and to charge your solar batteries. It may also be necessary to have a large battery bank to store the solar power for later use (e.g. in case of bad weather), or a backup generator.
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