Since the first industrial revolution, our life has been closely related to fossil resources. As a gift of nature, these fortunes, such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc., have driven the high-speed development of human and human society and become necessities to the life and existence of people.  However, since the 21st century, the shortages of fossil resources and increasingly serious environmental pollution have become the two serious crises for human being. In view of this situation, people are trying to replace the traditional fossil energies with clean and renewable ones such as solar, wind, nuclear and geothermal energies. Unfortunately, the production cost, which is still high now, makes the process very slow. So far, 60% of electricity consumed in the world is still from fossil energies and 90% of vehicles are powered by gasoline or diesel oil. According to an authoritative report, all petroleum will get exhausted before 2052, and coal and natural gas will be used up before 2060 based on current human population growth rate and fossil energy consumption rate. Just think about that, how can we survive without these fossil energies? At the another side, we have many people who still are living in darkness and having primitive and backward life in some underdeveloped countries, among which 30% are children.
Who We Are
Founded in 2010, Omnis Power is specialized in the R&D, production and sell variety of solar products. Our products include the high-efficiency solar modules, portable Solar products, Completed Solar Kits as well the Balance of systems like inverters, charger controllers ,Mounting systems etc. The Solar Modules generate the electricity from the Sun, the power banks can store the electricity or distribute it to utility grid, this is how we connect our products together.  Living, living better or living in quality, the flexible configuration of our systems can meet different life demands of different customers in different areas. We are always dedicated to changing the current overdependence of people on fossil energies, creating a clean, smart and beautiful future, providing reliable, sustainable and smart products. Our mission: People can live well and independently even without the fossil energies !
Our Mission
People can live well and independently even without the fossil energies !
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