after sales service

Omnis Power supports the costs related to the replacement of a damaged module under guarantee. From the replacement of the product to the transport costs to pick up the defective product and deliver the new one. Omnis Power takes all the responsibility for the labor costs involved in the product replacement.

After sales

If one of your solar panels should ever malfunction, get in touch with the company who did the installation or one of Omnis Power offices that will arrange to have it back to full power and function properly as soon as possible. Otherwise, get in touch with our customer service team.

Omnis Power expect the following information will alert its customers to important points, and in particular ensure warranty claims against Omnis Power are protected and that its warranty service runs smoothly.

Overview of warranty claim process

1. determine liability of damage

2. Notify Omnis Power customer service of claim and collect information(Photos, series number, report)

3. Omnis Power create a folder for the case and classify the damage level

4. Omnis Power analyze the information send by the claimer and investigate on the damage

5. Omnis Power Classify damage and conclude damage analysis in a final report

6. In case of approval and damage approved under warranty, Omnis Power notify the client and send the results

7. Client needs to wait at least 7 working days for the approval/disposal

In case of approval, Omnis power will make a new delivery or a refund.