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Founded in 2010, Omnis Power is one of the most innovative and reliable solar products manufacturers in the world. Omnis Power distributes its solar products, solutions, and services for a variety of utility, commercial, and residential applications worldwide with an organized annual capacity of 1 GW. Omnis Power has multiple production facilities in Asia and global sales teams in the United States, Europe, China, and Singapore.

Being an American qualified PV company in today’s globalizing world means operating in a way that reflects our values and connecting our business decisions to society’s needs. Our business makes a valuable contribution to society. We know that the development, manufacture, and sale of our PV panels and kits affect society and human lives. Therefore, we aim to be open and transparent about how we operate. Omnis Power is committed to the corporate responsibility that comes with being in our industry, and we have taken a special interest in addressing the needs of the world. we are fully committed to the global.