Omnis Power is an American managed smart manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. The automation helps to provide precise assembly, avoid defects by speeding processes to achieve a higher quality. All production lines in Omnis Power are managed by centralized operating system so any problem or break down by a robot or a machine are identified and proclaimed, so our line managers can instantly react.

Our Manufacturer are assembled with developed control equipment to disclose and detect any diversities in temperature, humidity, and dust conditions. The robotic manufacturing and the full-automated production lines ensure that the materials from the beginning of the production to the packaging is all observed and checked to reduce error and inadequate products and insure higher quality during production.

An advanced quality check is done by our engineers to make sure that internal defects will not be passed to the next stage after every assembly phase.

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Research & Development

Omnis Power actively promotes the innovation and development of the production technology and seek to provide with premium flexible products and clean energy solutions for the costumers. Our huge contributions and wide engagement to R&D maintain the progress of our products and manufacturing approach. 

Omnis Power has been investing regularly in solar product innovations by upgrading the laboratory equipment and employing the most expertise and the Competencies R&D.

R and d 2.png

Omnis Power obtains several technological accomplishment and develops a large numbers of technologies Omnis Power ‘s strong innovation continues to help customers to reach their goals. We work with the unique needs of each customer to deliver the right products and services. Our priority on product innovation has allowed to remain at the technological forefront of the solar PV industry.

Quality Control

Omnis Power's rigid quality and accuracy are managed and validated by a number of strict tests. Our products have always preserve high reliability and solid performance depended on our engagement with our quality management system. We make sure that the control of the quality during every step of the manufacturing process is perfectly done, so our products have outstanding durability and world-class performance even in the harshest conditions. Our Quality control department assure the test and evaluation of the solar cells and Solar Panels to ensure the quality requirements they continually and reliably transmit and deliver the power assumed.

High Technology Equipment is used to manage quality control tests, material authenticity checks, and detailed research. More than 40 different tests can be administrate a day, to higher requirements . A full visual inspection test, EL test, pressure test, mechanical load test and age test are done to verify that Omnis Power modules function safely and smoothly.

Omnis Power Quality Control Process:

Bill of Materials Vertification

01Bill of Materials Vertification

Constructional Data Form conformity check

02Constructional Data Form conformity check

Visual Supervision

03Visual Supervision

IV measurement

04IV measurement

Electroluminescence Imaging

05Electroluminescence Imaging

Packaging & loading Supervision

06Packaging & loading Supervision