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Double Glass

Double Glass Series

Using bifacial technology and proven half-cell technology, this new bifacial halfcell module utilises incident light from both the front and the rear of each cell. Based on the albedo and reflectivity of the individual projects, this approach can produce 30% more energy than traditional backside generation projects.

Productivity  and Reliability:

In addition to the multi-busbar technology, the half-cell technology reduces ribbon resistance losses, which increases the overall efficiency of the double glass modules by 5%.

The cutting of cells in half also reduces the impact of hot spots and microcracks. By using dual glass, the solar cells are more protected between layers, allowing for greater reliability and performance.


With years of experience in the production of shingled modules, our new half-cell bifacial module offers a range of improved features such as higher reliability, less mismatch, maximum power output, and minimal hot-spot effects.The Cortex bifacial series also combines multiple product design upgrades for a greatly-improved PV modules. For example, we chose a lighter, 2.0mm, tempered AR-coated glass to maintain the same snow and wind load, while reducing transportation costs and installation difficulty, and offer customized rails and clamps as installation options.





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