Solar Kit

Solar Air Conditioner

Omnis Power hybrid air conditioner solar kits are an inventive practical design AC that keep the a better temperature control and can operate in either on-grid or off-grid conditions through the advanced automatic system.


The intelligent power management system in our hybrid ac solar kit can organize the use of the electricity then once the battery storage unit is fully charged, the system utilize directly the DC power from the solar panels during the day.

Omnis Power hybrid AC solar kits are easy to install and allow homeowners to save money and reduce or eliminate their electric bill with better temperature control, lower noise levels.


  • Cortex or Blackjade solar panels series

  • DC and AC safety disconnects

  • Indoor and outdoor unit

  • All aluminum solar mounting system

  • Remote controller

  • Installation manual

  • Refrigerant copper pipe

  • MC4 Connectors

  • Wire management system

Solar Air Conditioner

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