Solar Kit

Omnis Power Carport Solar Kit

Omnis Power solar carports are an inventive simple and practical device that can change an ordinary park into a worthwhile solar power plant that need no extra construction ready to put up.

Omnis Power solar carport are prepared to use a new or existing parking areas and produce power without losing worthy real estate. Commonly present as an On-Grid PV solution. With a strong all aluminium wind resist mounting system and a creative design, our solar carport generates solar energy and protect the vehicles which make them a green fuel source platform and shaded parking at the same time.

Omnis Power solar carport has a multi-purpose characteristic and ideal for small sites that can bring more economic value.

Omnis Power solar carport contains:

  • Cortex or Blackjade solar panels series

  • Inverters in single or three phase configuration

  • All aluminum or steel solar carport body

  • DC and AC safety disconnects

  • Solar wire designed

  • Ground wire and PV array grounding system

  • Wire management system

  • WiFi system monitoring

  • System safety labels

  • Installation manual

  • Electrical 3 line and mechanical drawings

Omnis Power Carport Solar Kit

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