Full Independance

Off-Grid systems are independent of the standard utility grid, and can typically deliver the equivalent expectations of the traditional grid.

Increase your value

Increase the value of your home and business by giving them total grid independance and stop relying on the grid with this added value.

Light up your world

Bring power to areas with limited or no access to electricity, whether it‘s a remote cabin,your business, or your residence,we have a solution that can fit any installation requirements.


What's in the Box
  • Solar modules

  • Off-grid inverter/charger

  • Custom roof mounting system

  • Battery bank

  • Battery storage unit

  • PV,battery bank&grounding wiring harnesses

  • DC and AC disconnects

  • Wire management kit

  • Grounding hardware

  • Safety label kit

  • Single and three-line electrical and mechanical schematics

Total Electrical Independence

With a Lithium Battery backhome and transformer based inverter,the off-grid kits require no grid connection and are a great option for areas with limited or with no power access.Whether you will be using an off-grid solar system for your remote cabin,your place of business,or your full-time residence,OmnisPower has an off-grid solution that can fit almost any installation requirement. Symtech Solar’s Off-Grid kits have the capability to be expanded if future energy storage is required.

Product Benefits
  • Become completelyenergy independent

  • Reduce the burning of fossil fuels for a healthier environment

  • Eliminate the problems of grid blackouts

Common Applications
  • Installation sites where bringing in the electricity from the grid is too expensive

  • Locations where liquid fuel costs are too high or difficult to maintain

  • Those looking to be completely independent from the grid

  • Those who cannot afford to lose power or have power outages


The all-in-one Box Solution

The difference is clear,get better results with our all in a box packaging solutions.OmnisPower Solar's heavy duty ISPM15 compliant care design not only protects the contents during international shipping but also ensures that the solar kits arrive to their destination site undamaged and ready for installation. OmnisPower Solar's BOS toolboxes are included in all our solar kits and designed with the installer in mind. With years of installation experience,we understand the benefits of having a safe and well organized jobsite.