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Omnis Solar Power News

Omnis Building On The Advance Technology Of N-Topcon

Omnis Building On The Advance Technology Of N-Topcon

As rising environmental concerns and energy crises take a toll across the globe, more and more people are shifting to solar energy as a sustainable, greener, and economical option to run their homes and economies. Besides this increase in production and demand, solar cell energy has seen many evolutions, with industries experimenting and adopting different technologies and modules in their manufacturing. One such module is N-Topcon. But what is N-Topcon technology, and how Omnispower is leveraging this technology for a better customer experience? In this article, we will put into perspective how the Omnispower launch of N-type solar panels is a game-changer in the solar energy system, but before that, you need to know what N-type solar cells are?

What are Solar Cells?

A solar cell is a crystalline silicon wafer coated with various chemicals to allow electricity generation. It is an electrical device that converts light energy into electric energy by the photovoltaic effect. The solar cells-basic unit of a home solar energy system- has existed since 1839, but it was not until 1954 that researchers at Bell Laboratories came up with the first practical silicon solar cell, an N-type solar cell.

Why N-Type Cells Are Dominating The Solar Energy Production?

N-type was the first-ever solar cell followed by the P-type that came into existence after almost six decades of discoveries and technological advances but ironically soon taken over by the latter because of its more resistance to space radiation and degradation. A P-type solar cell that uses boron and has one electron proved to be a better fit for the space industry, contrary to N-type cells with phosphorus with two electrons.

While most manufacturers don’t take the “type of cell” into consideration, Omnispower, because of its strong commitment to bringing value and quality experience for its customer, researched, compared, and evaluated the two cells. This rigorous assessment concluded with integrating N-Topcon technology in their solar panels. Keeping people and the planet above the profit, we measured the competence of the two cells on three factors: efficiency, cost, and value addition.

Efficiency: N-type cells have proved to be the most powerful cells in the market because of their increased lifetime. These cells are immune to what is called boron-oxygen defect, regularly affecting the efficiency of the p-type cell. N-type cells doped with phosphorus resist this reaction and maintain the high efficiency of the panels. Moreover, N-type solar cells are also less prone to metallic impurities of the silicon, thus preventing any glitches or quality issues of the system.

Cost: Although many solar panels are currently using p-type cells because of the lower cost, but cheaper price undermines the efficiency of the system. Many high-end solar panels use N-type solar cells because of their greater efficiency.

Omnispower has always worked to deliver quality at better prices. The reason why, while many settle for inexpensive p-type cells, we manufacture high-quality N-type cell solar panels, which means more power per square foot, fewer modules, less space, lower hardware costs, and less labor. Therefore offering our customers sustainable benefits at a competitive price.

Value Addition: Our Company has always incorporated user experience, values, and societal impacts in our manufacturing facility. Despite many arguments that fewer differences between the p-type and n-type cells don’t count, but the obligation to add value to our customer’s experience prompted us to favor N-Topcon technology over the former. It is this upper edge of cost, efficiency, life, and quality that impacts the decision and makes it different from its contemporaries.


This ascertains that despite the approaches and technologies involved in the manufacturing, the future is of Solar Services, Solar Products, and Solar Solutions. That been said, it is important to bring in the power of technology, quality, and sustainable pricing to make it available to a larger fraction of the population. This is what Omnispower has a vision for.

With the integration of highly advanced N-Topcon technology in our manufacturing, we endeavored to take sustainable solar products across the globe. At Omnispower, our manufacturers promote innovation and technology to provide flexible products and clean energy solutions, which gives our customers reason to choose us. A sustainable, secured, and solar powered bright future.


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